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My travel to France

So I’m going to France in the morning at 3am and right after my shift ends at 11pm so i have just 4 hours to get to the airport and get on a plane.

I’m going to south of France to see the Lourdes church, mind you I’m not a Christian i follow Hinduism and in particularly Shaivism it’s basically the worship of lord Shiva the destroyer in the Hindu pantheon of gods.

Why I’m going, well I want to see the church and the architecture….nope I’m going to take part in the rituals or worship of the Virgin Mary. However, I will always and I cannot stress this enough I will always worship Lord Shiva as the main god of all that is and that was and that ever will be and i will always be a Hindu.

You may think I’m mad but almost all the Tamil’s of Tamil Eelam who are Hindu’s and in particular who live in Europe go there for worship and blessing of the Virgin Mary, just because they have accepted that there is more than one God and there are other religions and that the world does not revolve around one certain people ideologies and views, in terms of religion speak that is. Back home going to churches were the norm although the priests of temples might be friends with the pastor or we called them father and the nuns were called sister, they would not go into the church to worship just because of their beliefs. They have been known to go to churches for refuge during the bombing raids by the Sri Lankan Air force during the war with the Rebels called LTTE and the Pastors have also sought refuge in temples because they have been built in a certain way, like the womb of the temple would be made from granite or something very strong but usually granite and it could possibly withstand a direct artillery fire or a bomb by a kfir bomber.

My uncle is Christian and aunt is a Hindu and they both are happily married for the 23 years and they have had four children and one of them died soon after birth because she had contracted chickenpox and the doctor was unable to help the child at the time and had given up on him. Oh and it was an arranged marriage and it was arranged by my grandfather so it was not an inter-religious love affair and they did not elope, although I want to elope with someone I find that kind of shit soo romantic and spontaneous and I’m an impulse person I live day by day.

The idea to go to France was not my own it was my mother’s and my sister is paying for it so i’m only spending what I need for myself while there. This is because I’m a recovering mental illness person and they believe that the Virgin Mary can cure me although i believe in the Lady i also believe that I can cure myself with the help of friends and family, not an expensive trip to France, i don’t care i get a free trip and it’s great in time in my life as i’m very stressed and rather down.

#Francelourdes #Tamil #TamilEelam

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