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One or the other

I DON’T even eat at my relatives house even if they they ask.

What makes you think I want your food, you cant force me to eat and then call my free loading too.

I am very capable of sustaning myself Thank you.

I do not need anything from you, remember why you’re keeping me at your house/hell.

I have some people that can feed me, even if they dont I have two hands and pair of legs and the will to sustain myself I DO NOT NEED YOU TO FEED MY BODY.

You can either hand it over, regardless of its current state and let me GO and/or Kill what’s remaining of my consience and my mind.

You cangt lock up the animal and then when it seeks food you say dont order and dont eat outside and then force it to eat and then call it free loading, it’s kinda hypocritical and moronic, use your brain and stop saying that or give me my body and let me go.

You cant keep my down all the time one I will leave and IT WILL be with my BODY.

See what you’re doing you are pissing in my drink and making me drink it and then saying “WTF are you doing”.

I Only came here because the old woman invited me, although i have no idea how i know of this, however this is my belief.

Either way I’d rather not eat from any of your house’s “I’m NOT A BEGGAR”. I have self respect and I would’nt be cought dead eating your shit If I can see that it’s your house I’d leave.

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