Please Let me wear clothes

Please let me wear clothes.

As most of you have now seen that i cannot even see my own face letn alone where the hell I am.

I’m finding that my nightmares are coming to pass more and more that means you also know or have had some or most of these dreams or nighmares come to pass into fruition.

I FOR ONE DO NO WANT TO DIE 2000 times on a god dam table i cant even take one of you fucking assholes taking pot shots at me on my toes or calves.

Also if this does come to fruition it means that i will die many more times, like 8 billion times on that dam table( no idea what it’s called so i’ll call it Table of Revival Death) in the future in many more liftimes.

To make things worse My concious has also been hijacked by the Pot to commit crimes and mass murders and horendous things that’ll put me behind bars, In exchange he’ll go down staris for one hundread thousand billion trillion times( by any man or Demi-God, thats nor mean feat).

I would like to invite you to stop this before it goes out of hand and stop listening gto Janzah and let me out so that I may return to my family(that was chosen for me by Janzah).

Mr Pot please think for yourself and avoid this or…

Also please stop humiliating me by making me wear terrible things and stripping me.

Please and Thank You.

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