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Get out of the spending mentality and to be a people’s pleaser.

You are created for a purpose and that is not to please others or to make a fool out of yourself.

Don’t go and buy the latest iPhone or Samsung in my case, although I shouldn’t preach because I don’t follow but the best way to learn is to teach others and here I am.

Remember when we were kids, that’s too broad so, remember the days between 1990 and 2000.

Yeah it was a turbulent time for most but some time or anytime is always a turbulent time for someone, so it can be now or a year earlier it’s would have been a turbulent time for someone.

My point is to save some money and as a well known saying “Money Talks” and if you’re not talking the language of the cold hard cash then you’re not talking at all you’re seen as expendable. For examples look at all disaster movies or any movie that was ever made.

I’m no financial expert so everything I say should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I right now have a goal to save £5000 pounds or rather have such amount of investment that’s secure. That’s one of my goals before this year comes to end.

I WILL DO IT. However, I just don’t know how to save I tend to buy more than I could afford like last year I bought a very shit laptop for 269.99 with buy now pay six months later and of were to pay it back at the end of the six month period then I’d pay a hell’ova lot more than what it’s worth by then.

That quite normal for me.

Back to the main goal.

I get easily distracted.

Don’t go and buy the latest iPhone that will come out later on this year but save that money and think about it for a few days, if you are to put that amount it in Goldman sacks marcus saving account at their rate of 1.35% AER.

Let’s say the new flagship mobile phone is worth £1000(it’s definitely will be worth a lot more) and you put it in for a year and you’d get back £13.50 just for keeping it and not withdrawing it, maximum of 100000 and if you do put that 100k then you’d get 1350 just for keeping it in their account.

Do you really want the phone, if you do then go window shopping and go to their store’s and fiddle around with their display phones, ask questions and compare it with your current device and if it’s not necessary to change or upgrade it then don’t do it, easier said than done?

We all have Shiny object syndrome. I’m no exception.

I’m trying to avoid buying the upcoming Samsung device because my device works just fine and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, literally and figuratively and I also have insurance I can afford and I’m sure the new device will have some improved features but I’m going to save my money and put it in stock’s and shares. I have already started.

My portfolio is currently worth £1523.45 I Intend to expand and buy each week.

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