The Best thing about this…

You know the best thing about this hell that i’m going through when I think I’m sleeping and living a normal life is that the outcome at the End will leave me with Two  nice People in  my life and None of you fuckheads will even be a foot note in my life.

Nice is’nt it. Anyway…

I Await the Head to come though sometime in the future, Reagrdless however many times you Turn back the Clock it still will come out the same way that Dipshit that ran away from the future predicted it as.

It always turn out the same (Unfortunatley for you and for me).

I’d not like to die on the table and i’d really like to go peacefully in my sleep knowing that I wont wake up or have to deal with people…er no, elamnites laughing at me at every turn of my life.

This is out of my hand, ofcourse ya’ll know that and still you push.

The day I give up

To be continued….

for a sneek peak read my mind you peeping twats.

#Elamnites #hopeisademon #hopeisadistraction #soulstuff

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