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To add to the last post.

Have you ever wonderd why such a future would even be possible.

Have you thought about it. Ever. Or it’s because it’s your family member’s that are involved you thought why the fuck not, just another fucking person moron we’ll have so much fun working him to death and then REPEAT.

Or did you ever wonder. just wondering.

And did you not get enough family members that you needed to permit the changing of my body into another whore. I sincerly hope that some of my charecter rubbed off on her, or is she pure manipulative whore like her original. Either way please treat, at least her, righ without giving her up to be fed upon to satify the lust of the henchmen of your. the guy, serously i dont know anything.

If it continues i dont know if i can stay sane or not.

I have some explanations to give. Exposure to the world: when i did expose, i mean lift the lid on your kind it was beacause of this particular reason and i DIED.

You did’nt leave me dead.

The more you squash and trod on me the more i shout and if that is’nt fuitfull then i have approached the big three and there was a good outcome, it was in somewhere around not sure, definetly during school years.

If i am a beggar because of something happening in another timeline should’nt you opt to change it. I dont particluarly want to kill anyone or franly die a few billions of times and have an annoying parasite in my head for a very very long time.

If you have stolen my mind and trapped my inside, here’s a tip do some good with my mind.

Create a place where no one suffers from hunger.

Make everyone equal.

If i am to suffer then i want something in exchange.

I want the people back home not killed or enslaved. I’ll Check.

I’ll hold you responsible.

“The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”

I may not be able to but, Sincerly hope you have a concience.

#Kingsmen #Clanovercomapasion #Elamites #loosefaith #beggar #MrO #loosehope #Stolen #quote #mind #loosesoul #concience #loosemind #Elamnites #loosebody

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