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Useful apps #1

Do you want to invest in ethical company’s then download the “tickr” app

How tickr referrals work

You just need to enter this code during registration when you sign up! Once you complete setting up your tickr account, and make a Monthly, or One-off Top-up, they’ll unlock your reward.

What you get?

  1. 💷 £5 tickr credit added to your tickr balance, and my tickr balance

  2. 🌳🌳 Two trees planted in Indonesia (via our partners One Tree Planted)

Not bad huh?

These rewards may change over time as we adapt and improve the scheme!

Any rules I should be aware of?

  1. Only new tickr users can enter a referral code. If it’s not entered during the sign-up then unfortunately we can’t honour the referral!

  2. You can withdraw your £5, but only after 90 days from it being added as credit

How do I you know they are actually planting trees? 🌳

They’re partnering with One Tree Planted. As soon as you trigger the reward we’ll send a request to plant a tree. We hope to send everyone a digital certificate as proof for their tree, but this might take a few weeks to reach you!

Here’s the the code


Once you’ve signed up use yours to get some friends to sign up using your referral code so you get some more money.

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