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Virus of the world.

I dont know when I last had the pleasure of my own thought.

If you keep your jand in my head on day you’ll lead to your own demise.

Your kind, espically your family’s, every one of them should be executed without mercy, even a newborn can turn into a world fearing dictator whom will eat anyone with a difference of opinion.

Get the fuck out of my head you cunt.

you did this to yourselfs and I WILL have revenge NO matter what, Let Go or DIE once And forever be sent to hell, you may thiknk you’re good people but cant you see what you’re doing to eveyone around the world.

Your kind is the Virus and the If there is no Cure found for it then the world will stop reproducing once in for all and the on;y perosn left will be that whore.

Not even your prised protected SON will remain alive.

Serioulsy FUCK OFF and stop manipulating m,y every second and abusing me.

You wont be able to all the future with the TV, there are loopholes and I just have to wait till one, one bad move.

How would you like it If I did it to you. and I will Hunt. ALL OF YOUR KIND.

Dont think this is prevention. This is the reason and cause for the Hunt.

#mentalstress #LiveandLetLive #pissedoff #cantthink #stop #think #Elamnites

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