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Why not just eat me?

I keep feeling pain all over my body, it’s kinda distracting.

Instead of that may i sugest an idea.

Why dont you fee me to the lion or the pack of dogs or even the lynx or the cats or why the hell not eat away at my rotting carcas all at the same time.

It would solve my problem of this never ending misery and dissapointement of a life.

And i will hopefully be finally satisfied of the feast that i was able to provide for all the variety’s of nurishment you have provided for my dying mind.

The body well we all know that’s another story( fuck no it’s the same story).

Seriously think about it it’ll solve all your problems.

I wonder how i’d taste, sonce i’m a dog and now a cat i’d have to ask the chineese or the koreans.

#Animagus #Translagte #feastofathousandnights #BLTanyone #feast #cannibals #parasites #Elamnites

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