A little prayer…hopefully it comes true….hopefully.


I am, for all purposes sake human, and therefopre i must eat, breathe and have a pulse among other things.

I go have all those things but what i dont have at the current present time in my life and for the last 16 years i did not have my body and for the last 27 years, ever since i was 5 years old, i did not have my free thought process or free will for that matter.

How does that happen? you ask!

Well when i was just in year three or four back in Sri Lanka i was hit over my head, on the right right side and I was knocked unconscious and a prasidic being known as the Inbred, as i call him, suppress my thought’s and free will although I am writing this with the feel of free thought, howvere it’s all a lie and i am an extension of the being that when i was four years old stole and suppressed my mind and he’s now pretending  to be me.

I have joined him as an extension of him i am one of the first born and this time is that of my own and he had his time and now he has nbot had enough and he’s using me as a sheild to protect him from all the hellish pain and humiliation that have been bestowed on him and now it’s beening dished out to me by his cousin and now his cousin has travelled back in time and created me by placing a device in my head that can be programed and all the while the orginal mind has stopped thinking and can not think at all until the inbread levaes and or killed when possible.

My mind is huge white space with a small green grass hill in the middle and i see the parasite sitting there and i belive he has swollowed me inside of him and whenever i have a train of thought all he does is and i say this with extreme frustration because i dont like to say it to other people, “shut the fuck up”. And i like to give him a chance to live out his life the way he wants and i wont interfere, but if it continues like this i will somwhow kill him but beofre that i would like to return what he has bestowed upon me over the last 27 years.

It doesnt end with this life.

I see the inbread torturing me in all of my lifetimes and well into the future and all because he is a hater and is jealous of my existence and wants all that is my.

I have one dream each week of the future life I might have and and each one has this asshole inside my head messing with me, that fine but he strips me without me knowing about it, it’s because he has help, a fat shit named SA stole my eyes and placed someone else’s eye inside my sockets and therefore i cannot see my current condition and i dont even know what im wearing or even if i am wearing anything, i know this to be true because he did it to me once when i was home with my family, i could see my clothes but i was being decived and although i was wearing it in my mind but i had that illusion pulled over my head and i was naked in fron t of my family.

I dont hate anyone but i do want them all to pay for what they have done to me but that seems like far-fetched as because i also see them all being forgiven wothout any punishment  but i also see them all suffering some missery and hell as part of their jurney.

They are being decived by one of their own and i don’t give a dam about that they have it coming they should open their eyes to the obvious and stop this torture and merciless treatment and if they cant stop their child from killing people in large numbers and causing genocide allover the world then why do they even have children if they cant raise them properly.

He has single handedley caused one the most ancient of all civilization to come to it’s knees and fall apart all because he was angry at being punished for his sins, of lying(yes it’s a sin).

Whats worse is that he has been killing me repeatedly over and over again for a duration of 700 million years plus as an infant i cant defend myself but he cannot win the game entirely because he needs all three of the units, himslef included, for the wheel to turn and whenever he kills me and my brother, the 1st two wheels, the cycle stops and he has to travel back 53 years and start again and this has been going on repeatedly for 7oo million years and all the while for each 53 years of him living it out all he does is rape and cause mass suffering and genocide all the while trying to takeover and carry on the other two wheels.

This time and once  before he had been give a good advice that inorder to get all the parts he has to let me live and he did, and he won, and him being him decived and chucked away the person that helped him to do that and she being a snake of a person come to my previous self to get back at him offering to give back everything that was robbed from me and i gladly refuse and so she kills me and supresses my mind and she does for a change what he did for that long period of time.

However because, probalbly, i didnt go along with her plan she goes back to him to do it alover again and here we are, i hope he does what he does best and fucks up her life like beoforenand i hope at least the she learns her lessong and dont go back to him and i hope i get to pay them both and their minions back with eveything they have given me at least once and their spineless king also for robbing me to defend myself.

#Elamnites #Hell #Life #Modwadhiya

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