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A little Reminder

I keep hearing that I’ve betrayed people that trusted me and that I’m eating as a freeloading bag shit…something along those lines anyway.

I did not come to your lot for anything when your slag of a daughter went around messing with my feelings I decided it’s best that I preserve what’s left of my heart so I quit.

Then I saw the second bitch whom, in my dreams, I thought needed help, right now I would like her to be gone away from the mind and life PERMANENTLY, unfortunately, the dreams were frequent and I have had some or most come true and so why not help a random stranger.

Now I have the most haunting regret of those letters and messages because I’ve had more dreams or a dystopian past and or a future and a horrible alternate reality where that bitch was responsible for me and my community and my family’s great suffering and mass murder along with her husband of that and this time.

When I came to the address provided for me in my head with that cunt of baldie sitting inside my head, in a white space along with that prick who’s hell-bent on torturing me at all cost to each and every one of the beings that’s alive( I completely welcome it, as it’ll give me a reason if whenever he flips the switch on my mind to mass murder I won’t have any feeling of resentment).

This applies to the people of human nature, I presume you know something as you watch Hollywood and Bollywood so you may understand at least try, If you have common courtesy stop pissing people off, it’s ok some of you are on each and every second are cunts, at least try not to overkill people so much you have very bad Karma(not my concern)

  1. I did not want to and still DO NOT want to stay with any of you, I’m a fucking PRISONER.

  2. you don’t have to feed me(I don’t want your shit, not now not before nor in the future, EVER) if you do to say good for nothing then say it overtly.

  3. I did not BETRAY anyone ever(i did once but, I had no control at that time, I had a dog in my home country and he grew up with me and he ate off my plate and he died of starvation when i left and when I went back I had lost myself, as I mean I was already a Prisoner In my own body, courtesy of the Baldie and the Beardy and his bitches).

  4. I keep My word. ALWAYS.

  5. At the End of this round of torture DONT BRING ME BACK OR REVERSE TIME, it’ll do you lot a lot of good.

  6. Try to see past the plastered lies and deceit all over me as I can’t access any of it to even dispute it, Heck right now In my mind I’m typing something and he who is typing it can type something else.

  7. Also, let me think for myself. If it’s not a fair game It won’t be counted as a Win for the opponent.

  8. When you do kill me make sure I’m in my own body and that the heart stops as well as the brain stops and that my conscience is killed and the body is burned into ashes as anything left will attract me back into the land of the(denied to me ) material world.

Whatever I say when In the middle of the night if you wake me up to torture me is manipulated by those that accuse me, Includes the mustache.

Also If I have committed all those that they say I have done why are you getting your hands dirty why not leave it to Lady Karma, I will certainly do that, I won’t willingly kill you any of you, it is not my intention although the inbred does go to the top of the list if I am even considering it, everyone else can deal with their fate in the future.


Live and Let me DIE, peacefully…NOT YOUR’S, EVER, Mr U

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