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A peace offering( If intrested)

I have One good offer If you leave the people back home alone and not do any more harm to them, EVER.

Then I’ll make it worth your while, but of course, your older self and your henchmen and wife and two daughters must also evacuate the country.

Why?, well you’ve must’ve been killing non-stop for 700+ million years and I would presume that you have let me live a few times to try different possibilities of the outcome but as usual the puppetmaster had a way with disappointing you somewhere in the middle, or did you kill the 5+-month-old baby continually.

Also what methods did you use on the Infant, I have had, like a peephole camera look-like vision of you going for the kill but before you cross the into the courtyard your wife or partner in genocide stops you.

So what method did you have planned or was it always the same, if it was the same( hate to tell you this you need to be replaced and ASAP), let me explain as to why you have the power to create something new each golden round(this 200oAD to 12000AD is it, more specifically this 50 years from 2000) so if you’re not trying something new you are an insult to that position.

I have a few visions of your demise, one was at my hands( for the older you). This is how it goes: You are hunted down and you surprisingly without henchmen, I would’ve thought you would’ve had at least your partner at your side, but hey ho, leave the women and children alone as they say. So you are pushed on to the ground and surrounded by the men that have followed me for the better part of a few years, I couldn’t make out the duration, anyway, then I gloat or something or say goodbye to the person(your older self) who’s been relentless in pursuing us all over the world and killing us mercilessly and without remorse. Then I tear your head off from your shoulders and I throw it away. On another note: I have serious difficulty even removing a jam jars lid but your head from your torso seemed easy, goes to show you need the proper motivation, you’ve got it I need to find my fire from that timeline yet to happen.

The second is the younger more asshole version and the one that’s pretending to be the victim: you get killed by poison by your guardians. END OF. Oh yes, he does go to jail though even the bad deserve justice, why not even you have rights.

Back to the offering think long and hard, I’m quite easy-going…I can wait forever and get so pissed and enraged each and every second for waiting and when it does come all of the rage and hate go like poof and am happy again…but please don’t take the piss.

Live and Let My Community Thrive or at least stop killing them.

Just because you’ve seen it in my diary and the TV that doesn’t mean it’ll come true unless you orchestrate it.

Also, It’s rude to read someone else’s diary. Didn’t your parents teach you manners?

The alternative. Time reverses. HOPE NOT.

Mr. K comes out to play and I do believe that’s the one pulling out your head and burying others into the ground(alive).

Hopefully, I’ll be dead. That’s HOPE for ya, it stayed in the pandora’s box for a fucking reason, to torture.

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