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A request…

I want to think for myself and feel free one of these days and do good.

Why, because I know all of my up and coming lifetimes I won’t be able to feel anything, pleasure wise, but there seems to be no end to the pain, suffering and misery.

I do know this request won’t be filled but I’m hopeful (well not really).

I’m not writing this in my captivity and not just in some piece of shithead’s mind while being trapped.

I would like to have a free and unblocked mind and freedom to move away and express myself and expand my conscious and enrich my soul.

Most of all I would not like to suck dick. while in anyone’s body. period. oh no, I don’t want to feel me having periods.

Alternatively you can be a Just King and ill respect that, there’s still a way to change things.

#Request #abuse #Torture #sexualabuse #deprevation #sexualviolence

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