Corrospondance to Mr Elamnite King of MK #2

Dear Mr. Elamnite. Hi.

how do you do?

Anyway, I was thinking that this torture don’t seem to have an end, and every time I wake up there is someone walking away from my body, god knows what they did and without my expresses consent to any of it.

I was wondering before I die I hope to take away and put you in a place just like you’ve done it to me not just you but all of you, everyone in your kind that keeps on making me suck dick forcefully and keeps on sexually harassing and abusing me, I’d prefer to abuse my self thank you I don’t need external input so you and your very talented people’s services aren’t needed.

I know I will get something in the END, how fun is that just like the British get their 3 days of summer I get from all of the 700 million times plus of being killed and tortured and raped and other varying degrees of unimaginable torture dished out to me from your family and the people that believe your bullcrap.

However wouldn’t it be great if I had it at after 10% of my time has ended because think about this for a second when I do and I will collect all of that is owed to me, revenge for torture and murder because I want to savor it for the rest of the 90% percent that is left on my clock, Imagine winning the lottery and getting to meet your maker the same day wouldn’t it be pointless, you know that?

If you have any decency, lol can’t believe I called you decent or even used that word for you, I know you know not the meaning of the word but…

You’ll get one chance to redeem yourself before you are killed by the one you’ve helped kill or killed yourself, he is determined as am I in my fight to get fair treatment and remove the cloak and mask you’ve put on me and turned me into the boogieman.

It’ll come off but I know It’ll be after the 99.999% of my time has passed but to put the cherry on top read bellow.

YOUR SON WILL AND I AM CERTAINLY SURE OF IT, WILL SERVE HIS BITCH AND HER BOLD ASSHOLE OF A FUCKBUDDY ANOLG WITH ALL OF YOUR KIND, since you have what my previous self made use it to see far into the dystopian future.

Your’s(hopefully for not too long) sincerely


P.S. go fuck yourself you selfish cunt.

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