Elamnites not Illuminati and the age of the planet.

A clarification

  1. The illuminati as you call are not actually lizard people but instead they are highly evolved and intelligent humans known as Elamnites.

  2. The earth is older than what the scientific community says it’s old and the human civilization so old it incomprehensible.

Explanation Elamnites

  1. Elamnites are what we see in the fantasy movies like harry potter and stargate and other fantasy genres. They have the ability to invade minds and steal thoughts and ideas and not to mention manipulate their victims thought process and control them. This is done by body swaping, don’t ask me how but they do this very offten and as much as they like. For example the city of Milton Keynes in the UK is full of them and the war on Syria is probably waged by and controlled by a or many Elamnites.

  2. They have the ability to take the shape of one animal per Elamnite, like me for example if i can take the shape of a dog and another Elamnite can take the shape of a goat and so forth, however this transformation is limited to one shape of an animal per Elamnite, they cannot take the shape of a dog and then transform into a cat afterwards it’s limited. This is useful for spying and following people undetectable like normal humans whom have no power. They can blind us from inside or outside, the inside blinding works simply by their copy of an astral from invading your mind and staying there and manipulating your every thought and make you think that you’re actually doing it, this could lead to you committing rape and murder and other heinous acts at their whim and will.

  3. They have rules and main one is no revealing to the outside world whom they are and if you happen to find one that’s rather stupid enough to expose themselves then you will either be influenced to become insane( mentally unstable) killed or at the very last resort you’ll be converted into and Elamnite (rarely happens). And if you happen to stumble across their secrets then they’ll make you wish you’d died in the womb of your mother by killing you thousands of times on their reviving machine which is actually designed and built by a foolish man on the hopes that it’ll help with his people’s plight.

  4. If and Elamnite reveals, like shows a live stream of him/her transforming and their cover is blown then they’ll be tortured to death by killing them many thousands of time and then they’ll dump their body somewhere.

  5. They can also hurt you without being near them is for example you are constantly thinking about a certain Elamnite and they are annoyed then they can cause injury without being there or without touching you their main areas of target include the leg are and the body aswell as the face.

  6. They can steal your valuable body parts, for example if an older Elamnite or Elamnites are well getting older and in need of transplants and they don’t have and means for getting the transplant than they will steal a healthy Human’s organs and bones and other body parts and this theft happens quite easily and without your notice. However you can notice the theft if you or the Elamnite taking your body for a ride is the opposite sex for example: I’m a man and if a woman takes my body then i can know by her vagina, because its self lubricates and you can know that it’s not nor your body or if you feel your chest and its lumpy or bigger than usual. but you can’t tell if you’re a woman and they’re also a woman unless you get weird thought like the urge to kill or rape someone or commit a crime which if you don’t usually get, and when anyone gets this type of thoughts it’s not their mind playing tricks or the devil playing tricks it’s because it’s an Elamnite has your body and their into you or they have invaded your mind.

  7. See this episode fully as it will show the mind reading way: Stargate SG-1 episode “Unnatural Selection”, to see how the Replicators invade jacks or all of the teams minds and this is how the Elamnites read your mind.

  8. We humans sometimes get good dreams like predicting the future or a world-changing ideas and they all appear to us when we’re sleeping and we mostly get dreams during the early hours of the dawn when the sun’s about to rise. And if and Elamnite has seen the Future and they have, via a future showing machine located somewhere in England, and they like your future then they’ll steal your dream and you will have no idea and if don’t get dreams for more tha a week the suspect that an Elamnite is behind it, and they also have the tech to erase your memory of that dream. I only came to know of their name through my dream and it’s not all i have seen the dystopian future the will have. where people have completely decimated the planet for greed and the Elamnites have run amok in everyone’s life.

  9. The TV which shows the future must be destroyed for the sake of everyone to have a bright future as well as the machine wich revives people in my case kills continually for more than two thousand times. These so-called Higher being are a plague on this earth and I have first hand experience of them ruining my life, i have no body my mind fed loads of heinous violence and i have no body to speak of and i have nothing that i was born with, they made me eat shit and they have raped me and stolen my penis and now i don’t have the thing that makes me a man so that make’s a woman but I’m not even that i have an Elamnite in my head , well i call it an inbred.

  10. They have a hierarchy and they have king and a lower ranking Elamnites like in the olden times. There are 7 kings across the world and they each rule a continent of Elamnites, i know of two of them one is still alive and the other is suspected to be dead but i and his believers are hopping that he’s alive and only because he’s a decent Elamnite king. I’m stuck with the one in Europe and in particular the one in Milton Keynes. He has three main underlings that i know of i know two of their names not the last one and two of them traveled back in time to alter the future and they have successfully done that and there have been at least 1 million plus deaths across the world for it and human development has been pushed back 100 years not to mention that our civilization has a lot of manipulators that want the world to go kaboom or at least the humans so that they can enslave us and harvest our minds and organs for their selfish lives and prolong their lives with our mind and body.

  11. I know i cannot escape their clutches without them all being killed and their machines destroyed but i cannot bring myself to hurt anyone because i have the thought to butcher them with a meat cleaver but i don’t know where to find them, but they’re here watching my every move.

  12. There are manipulative Elamnites that i know are good but they were converts from human’s and i know them i have helped them but they wont set me free as they have a lot to gain from me and i have nothing to give to them if i want to be free unless they seek my organs and i don’t even have my body. Once you turn into an Elamnite then you become a snake and all you do is think about me me and me. I know because i know that my whole family has forsaken me for power and wealth and i don’t understand if im there i would help them get what they want, wealth wise. But whats more frustrating is that they been piping me with chemicals to keep me in a drowsy state and for the last 1 month and two weeks i have been free of this chemicals.

  13. Now if you have noticed the last couple fo paragraphs then you might have guessed it an Elamnite is manipulating me to type as an insane person with mental problems.

  14. My parasite’s, the inbred, is only goal is to rob me of everything and anything and mentally torture me everyday and he has many wives and concubines and one of them is from an alternate future where she was with another douche that robbed me of everything drove my community from their original home and then made himself king of that area, but he back stabbed her and to get back at him all she did was invade my mind suppress my mind and travel back in time to screw him but knowing women they go where they get the most out and she went back to him. To clarify why I didn’t help willingly is because she was the sole person for my downfall in that timeline and still is in this timeline, if i ever see her face to face i will rip her head from her shoulders but i don’t think she’ll remain dead for long she has to be killed after the European king as because he’s also a Necromancer and can revive people from death and has done so countless number of times. Traveling back in time is quite simple really all you have to do is concentrate you mind on a certain point in time, the past works best, and go to the three gods and on the left of where you’re standing go to him and ask and he shall fulfill your desire, only as long as it’s also beneficial to him as well. Why she couldn’t do it it’s because she was not blessed with his love for her betrayal and caused his downfall, oh yes these Elamnites are close to demigods.

  15. The reason she backstabbed me was because he was apparently a better option or the was a better fuck than me i wouldn’t know and because i did not know their extent of contact even in this timeline, both of their family’s are practically just one, my biological mother was raped by her father and she had a son, not me but my brother of a year younger and he was executed in the final phase of the war against the LTTE, by the Sri Lankan forces as he was a fighter and he among others with him were executed while blind folded and hands tied behind their backs. Yes and you might have guessed it these people I’m talking about are of south asian origin but however not all Elamnites are of this descent they come from all of the spectrum. and the inbred is born to a brother and sister by incest. And now he’s withe both of them, i mean the one from this timeline and the future bitch, but not only that as a bonus he get’s play with her three sisters as well as anyone else that i may come into contact with and anyone that i happens to like, not only that he like to rub it in the face by sowing up at my work place in disguise so poor that i can smell the parasite oozing with crap all over, oh both of them have had a kid with with him one is already here and the other on the way.

The earth is older explanation

  1. The earth is so much older than the scientists belive or what it says in the holy books like the Bible and the Quran and even the Torah or the oldest text’s of hinduism.

  2. I have been seeing this in the future as you might have heard that Hindus belive that we relive the past every lifetime or better put that the past repeats it’s self over and over again until there is intervention from the three Thirumoorthy or the three main gods.

  3. So if you think you have seen something and you get deja vu then it’s happened in your life before in your previous birth and you havent managed to break free from your cycle of of infinite births and deaths and you have to relive your past, or see it this way it’s an opertunity to better yourself in this life time so that you may attain moksa or liberation.

  4. The Purans view asserts that the universe is created, destroyed, and re-created in an eternally repetitive series of cycles. In Hindu cosmology, a universe endures for about 4,320,000,000 years (one day of Brahma, the creator or kalpa) and is then destroyed by fire or water elements. At this point, Brahma ji rests for one night, just as long as the day. However this does not explain when the last cycle began.

  5. There is Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva. On the right of Vishnu is Shiva and to the left is Brahma and they choose their representatives on earth or take avatars like Ram or Krishna for Vishnu and i dont want to go into much detail about the other incarnations as it’ll take up much time for you. Just re-read number 14 above to check whom reverses time.

  6. As far as i know the earth goes through a 700 million year cycle where human race is guided, well supposed to be guided by these Elamnites or so-called demigods, and at the end of the 700 million year period, you can belive that the humans have travelled the space and went to other planets and even conquered other species or

  7. When the 700 million year period ends they, the Elamnites go underground not literally but undetected and live out their lives as normal as they go. Since you might have tech that was highly advanced available to them existed before they would dismantle all sign’s of these and destroy them and not only tech all sign’s of advancement i don’t know why but this is what i saw in my visions. They used a dematerializer for advanced tech and reverted them to simple farmers and peasants and by that time there were merely a couple of million people from a total population hight of 75 to 80 billion humans of the earth. I dont belive that the population was killed but slowly they stopped to reproduce and they didnt have ten kids per two adults so slowly the population was declining and this was the dak ages and this lasted about 8000 years and then civilization started to act up again and then the 700 milion year cycle has beagun aagain.

  8. There animals also exsited was the Dinosaurs and when they died they would be brned and only those in the wild in forests and jungles were free as they were protected and with strick laws as well killing an animal was like killing a person and it could land you in life in prison and this was not 10 or 12 years this would be 100 to 150 years as beacsue the Elamnites have managed to figure out the cure for ageing or to prolong the lofe of any mortal into an immortal like the gods.

  9. You too can become immortal if you create a gene therapy to reproduce any dead cells and then to replace them in your body and that’s the only way to live for all time and if you wanted to die you can learn to stop your heart or go to a practicing DR to kill yourself. The gene thereapy only prolongs your life if can say for certain it wont make you invincible like the gods you can still be killed but depending on what time in your life you take the serum you’ll be frozen in that time for ever or until your timely demise, for example you take the serum in your early 20’s and theoretically you’ll be in your 20’s for as long as you live. The formula for the serum has not appeared on in dreams yet so even if it does it’ll be stolen any way so if someone comes up with a serum to make people live for ever then it was stolen from me.

  10. There is a way to remove the Serums effects so you naturally agae again if you wanted to die but are scared to kill yourself or be killed by a DR or even an assasin for that matter. You have to go to a clinic to remove the Serum from you genetic makeup, as the serum is attached to gene for better utlising the medicine and better quality of life for the induvidual. However there wont be that many clinics avilable for all people want is look young and lve for ever now days and this is why there was 75 to 80 billion people on Earth at the time i saw it.

  11. There was space travel, need i say any more.

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