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Family of Satan.

I have now, right now realized what a despicable group of people you lot are.

The kings family members are all so selfish and the jealous types that they kill to and destroy others livleyhoods to get a bit of cock/pussy.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no one family worse than the current members of the ruling family of MK.

Why, here’s why:

1. The first time I see one of them he makes me bleed by sending his henchman to hit me over the back of my head and then he manipulated me to give him a felatio, and i was 5.

2. Second time i had met one, this time it was a psychopath and she stole my ability to draw, 2nd she raped me, 3rd she manipulated me and diverted my attention from available partners, 4th she and the asshole made me think that she was in need of aid so I humiliated myself and got slapped in the face, 5th she stole my newly bloomed ability to sing and write poetry, 6th she stole my dancing ability, there are more but I have not come to realize it when I I’ll update this.

3. The third dipshit is former son and current ahole Mr A. I 1st saw him when in the beginning of the millennium and i was riding a bike and he was in a benz and just drove away, had he informed me that I shouldn’t be alive or that his “daddy” was supposed to be there i would’ve co-operated and disappeared but he said nothing for the next 7-8 years and I only heard him say to the pupetmaster that he and scruffy was his son.

4. The pretend lover, she came into my life with a smile, like a king cobra dancing before biting and sending you to hell. I had no idea when her mother asked me for her that I’d end up with a broken spirit and heart. A total snake.

5. Scruffy this dipshit is an asshole and ran a way from his parents and he doesn’t belong in this timeline. He fathered the man responsible for all pain and misery and should be one sent back, two killed or three made to bat for the good team. Oh and he loathes me completely.

6. The mother, this woman was known to my mother and then i don’t know. She is also manipulative, she probably teaches her daughter’s the tricks of the trade.

7. The receipt lady, this one i met on the countless times when she would just fill up her and an old woman’s car with 10 pounds and stand there asking for receipts and that was all you could get out of her mouth nothing else. She’s currently fucking A.

8. The old woman, the embodiment of backstabbing. Hopefully she’s dead and being fryied in hot oil in hell.

9. The king, the man without a backbone to stand up to his family or just don’t give a shit about non-elamnites. He stole the bits of power the was surfacing within me and still continues to stifle my powers so that I remain a mindlessly stupid slave for all to abuse. Worm. With a mustache.

10. Pedo-oldman, this old man 1st came in my life when I went for a blood test at the GP he was sitting there and he asked some questions but that was not the DR i see. And o could see him in plain sight. Then there have been rare occasions where I saw him looking at me like I’ve raped and murdered his entire family, dude its the other way around.

11. The fat shit, she has considerably lost a lot of weight but thats not the point. The point is that she not only stole my eyes but she also went back in time to undo my achievements and anything positive that have happened to me or will happen to me in the future. Stuck up to the core.

12. Everyone else, I had the pleasure of seeing them one by one as they rejoiced at snagging me with their offspring and cousin, so they would come and take a look and laugh at the poor little moron who’s life was about to be turned inside out and upside down.

In conclusion. This group of people who have become one big family because of marriage, friendship and blood are by far worse than a thousand Heinrich Himmler.

There’s a Python beneath the lotus, beware.

#Assholes #Braindead #ChamberPot #Deceit #abuse #Butcher #Caste #destruction #Censorship #betrayal #Desecration #backstabing #crime #deprevation

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