Guy on a medival stock

Do i look like a free for all to torture kind of person to all of you Elamnite dipshit’s.

Well if you are going to carry on partying like its rape and abuse fest of once in a billion years, make sure you tie up loose ends, even the ones you cant see with your eyes, otherwise the people you treated with utter contempt and showed complete disregard for their lives and that of their family’s and their community.

Will collect what is due in the amount of lives that were involved with their torture.

The payment will be provided by one of you. Thanks in advance Lord Bhrama and Danvanthari.

I’m not even supposed to be in this body, someone who’ll cause you all to be removed from your statuture of power weilding dickheads to the same position that im in right now. LOOKING FORWARDS TO IT VERY MUCH.

All that is required from you all right now is equal treatment and to let the body die peacefully and without being captured into the pot of shit.

Oh Mr. Mod. Stop selectivley erasing your memory so that you only see the hate and not the crap your child had done in the last few hundred million rounds of global mass extinction. Many times over, and to make it worse he had to live through it 100s of 1000s of miilion times over and over. And i already think one is far too much. Hats off lord b.

Stop torturing me, if you need incentive try this.

The karmic law dictates that what is given must be returned.

What is taken must be taken back.

Who ever kills will be killed back by the same thing or being that was killed.

Who ever is on top will go to the bottom.

What you do to me now i will do to you later, eventually i will.

If you rob even a grain of rice from someone then they will do it back to you.

I’m not the aggressor or even the cause behind this but another. And if what I’ve seen is on point without change then you will all get a new way of life and or be eradicated from exsistence, unless you can stomach the most vile thing known to taste buds. Ever.

Stop. Please.

Oh and mother if you’re intentions are to kill a child or to give it a life in far away place may i suggest a better idea than sending to float in a whatever it was downstream on a waterfall.

Try going there and giving it to the couple and if it were to kill then may i suggest suffocating, its a fantastic option soo much better than a prolonged and tortures suffocation at your ex’s family and his manipulative son.

I still want to see you very much id do anything.

Yours, hopefully not for too long, one lonely mindless drone one a stock.

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