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Hello…Mrs Kaur…read this

I don’t appreciate you interfering in any opportunity that comes my way sure you’re doing it for Mrs. Ananth, and that’s the problem she’s Mrs. A.

No longer an option for any single man as that psychopath is quite evil, the seed doesn’t fall far from trees.

I can tell you about your activities.

Since 2006 or so till this day, If I had known that you’re destroying every opportunity to have someone in my life then I would’ve run away somewhere else, I can’t seem to do that at the moment as I don’t even know where I am.

Next time i see you i will swear and if you keep doing it over and over again then ill take nessary actions stop get you away from me or something more drastic.

Please stop. Thank you. The elderly shouldn’t be making other people suffer as you’re at the end of your life and frankly you could do with some positive notes on your Karmic chart to Lord Yama, and this isn’t helping.

#Anjali #MrsAnanthM #MrsKaur

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