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Janzah a third person view.

Janzah is lovely to all her family and friends.

Janzah is horrible towards those that she seems to refuse her demands.

Janzah needs to sort out her belief that she is a goddess, seriously you are just like any other Elamnite and are using the person trapped in your twisted head to manipulate people, they’ll wake up one day but it’ll be theirs and yours, unless the necromancer revives you.

Janzah has deliberately targeted people for torture, and we who have been targeted would like to remind you Mrs Janzah that we will, like all dogs, have at least one day of pay back be sure of it, courtesy of your controller.

Janzah does realize to some extent that she has been replaced with someone who’s better from her family and that is her sister.

Janzah dies in the end, like all beings there is an expiry date on all that is created, anyway her death is not natural as she will meet her end at the hands of those she used and abused and have trapped, we will get blood.

Janzah is a total whore, i really don’t care what people do with their body, but I do care what they do to me.

Janzah’s death will not be swift but more like mine, far too long even for a goddess.

Janzah has oblivious relatives and friends and community members and they have been fed not bull-crap but unicorn-crap.

Janzah has a new husband, no one cares.

Janzah should stop putting thoughts in me and messing with my head.

Oh and a final say I don’t like any of her in-laws or her family.

#biography #Assholes #abuse #janzah #horriblepeople #Blackpheonix #blind

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