Mr. Chamber Pot and Creator’s handyman, you are both aware of the ever-increasing visions that I saw and how almost half of them that I saw to be fulfilled in this lifetime have come to pass.

So you know of the outcome then, you definitely do I know.

How do I know well(i ask for the reader so it sounds more dramatic hahaha) anyway I ask because I’m aware of the TV that shows the future of each and every individual and group and along with Panther’s son the black dog who are able to travel back in time.

I’m aware that you yourself are also a master of travel of the chronological methods so you might not need him.

I know the outcome is not favorable to you yet you do this all I need to do is say four words to the puppet master and he’ll do the rest, mind you, you will also be tied to a string next time.

He is the biggest liar and cheat and thief in the history of this Universe and he will continue to rob and deceive for all time, however, I can see that you’ve and she has snapped and I’ve yet to.

So I’m not sure who’s responsible for this episode but I’m not liking it at all, I mean I get a good hand but it goes to you before I even think about it, how’s that fair.

“LIVE and LET LIVE” was a good movie consider watching it or try at least, you have given to the vilest before I’m your relative why not me?

#Rape #Hell #Butcher #extortion #Family #losefaith #Torture #Elamnites

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