Last request.

In India and most other places where capital punishment is the norm, they have a practice of offering “The Last Request” or “Last Wish” before they are put to, shall we say sleep.

The reason I’m saying sleep is because in a song I’ve heard, it says you should respect your enemy’s. So as not to offend you lot of, hmm, “opportunist’s” and “nice psychopaths”, hope that’s ok.

Anyway I would like to be respectful but it’s hard, no I’m not talking about my dick, but my mind is full of invaders.

So the Last Request.

I know your kind will kill me eventually but before I’m sent away i would like to see my life giver otherwise known as Mother.

I want to see her before a person from your community puts an end to this round of torture and sends me into the abyss.

The reason I ask this is because even in my dreams her face is forbidden and hid away from my sight.

Please consider this proposal. Also don’t erase her from my mind if she does agree to see me I would like at least one sweet and salty memory.

Live and Let Live.

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