Man for slaughter

I was not supposed to have been born, according to one person and his family.

I am like a Goat for slaughter, instead of goat think a 30+-year-old male human.

I was a rape child, and as such I was not wanted by my mother, so a question arises were there no contraceptive methods or abortion methods available in the ’80s.

I was then sent away on a boat to a faraway country only to be hunted down by a cunt and his wife.

They have abused me in countless ways and with countless methods, they even killed me many times, and they have tech to bring back people from the dead(read the other posts to find out how).

1st time in England I saw his wife standing with her mother at the gates of my school as I was coming out and since then, actually since I was a toddler she has hunted me.

The reason is simple as her husband od many lifetimes want to kill me and has done may time successfully but there’s hitch.

He doesn’t seem to get the right result’s for his actions and as karma have it her way if the creator kill’s he is to be replaced with and other creator(job title, nothing more don’t think too much into it), and because his crime is serious and as is her’s they are both headed to the hell’s abandoned stage(location).

The place, where they’re going, has no food or drink of any kind and only a very hot sun and there is already two people there, they will work with him because he has a social reputation for being the big boss and she not so much, just a vagina with a face, nothing more.

Only if they are killed by someone, eventually…hey anything is possible… I won’t ill be killed before them.

Back to my story: I sense that I am seeing one thing and hearing one thing to what is actually happening and all thanks to a piece of shit who has swallowed me whole and is manipulating everything I see and hear. This has me worried, but not much as I have not grasped the whole scenario as I’m still not confirmed to have lost the game…please I haven’t even made a single move.

When I was 5 or so got hit on the right side of my head with a log and it was the piece of shit that did it and ever since I have been trapped in my head and still unconscious. All the while he pretends to be me, there is still a fraction of me leftover but I have not seen where I am or what I’m doing or what I’m saying or even what I’m dreaming or what I’m eating for that matter.

It’s like a someone pulled a lifetime fast-one one me. I seem not to listen to my own thoughts but I do everything as if I’m one a remote control. It’s like I’m trapped but someone is making me think that I not and they’re just messing with me and my family and everyone that may come close to me… I want this shit bag sent to the stage. For a long long time.

The person who is doing this is making me look like I’m stalking them but I’m not I’m going to work, I’m going to get food, I’m going to play pokemon go and I’m going home and I’m also going to see my family(pretend family).

Why i said pretend family you’ll know more when you read that link.

The bitch’s sister stole my parents house and I WILL have to get it back by mutual understanding or murder either way that cunt is leaving that house and not coming back.

I know my adopted father has power but what about my sisters and my mother and other members of my extended family.

I think my mother is being used by an old whore to service her crippling needs, I hope to god she gets boiled alive is hell…the whore not my mother. And my sisters i have not any clue.

Life. Ends. as simple as that nothing is forever….no matter how much you try nothing lasts forever…well I hope at least not any of the ruling family or anyone from Milton Keynes.

#Assholes #Deceit #Pornstar #Desecration #deprevation #Elamnites

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