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Moron with power

The Elamnites are a special group of “smart morons” and that is putting it lightly.

They have no concept of personal freedom and the “live and let live” policy i follow.

They are a group of theifs and rapists and murderer’s and tortures.

They put Gothabaya Rajapaksa and the infamous Mr Crocodile from Zimbabwe to shame with their crocodile tears.

They have no balls to speak of they’re all snake’s and as such they should be met with the same Snake moves.

There is one sentence that’ll end their reign and kill them off one by one hopefully I’ll be pulling the trigger or better waving the axe in their face but before they die (permanently, hopefully) I’ll reveal the snake within their midst and make them see.

But back to the story.

I haven’t had free thought for as long as I can remember and all thanks to a bald pedofile and his master and a snake behind them in the form of a black dog and a crow.

When they both come well they will both be doing it for the last time…

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