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Playing dress up are we…


As the above says I am not a woman and as such I don’t appreciate you dressing me up into females costumes or even stripping me naked and parading me in front of people.

A wise man said “each opportunity reveals each person’s nature” and as such, I haven’t had any in my life so I am patient and you, all of you have robbed me of everything, and imagine if I had an opportunity to do that and have you thought about it from my perspective, I mean why would you.

It’s remorse free torture and murder and the punishment less genocide and rape.

Why would you stop?

I mean, you’re only fighting for your very essence and you’ve lost…in this round…sure you’ve won all the battles but I’ve won the last one and as such I get to dictate the terms of my death and as such, read this carefully “I WILL NOT BE KILLED BY YOU, I CHOOSE MY DEATH ON MY OWN TERMS” and if you do kill me or make me end my life I’ll just return and well stay in the hospital for a while and then again we go.

Got distracted there.

Back to dressing up.

If you want to dress up and make YOURSELF infamous then go to Hollywood or Bollywood or some other wood and I hear every actor ever came before was an Elamnite and as such in your position you’d be given such an important role, if not then use your adopted father to rob people of their powers and ruin their lives and still they refuse then kill them constantly and bring them back and if all others fail you can star in YOUTUBE. You’d be famous.

Stop dressing me up and parading my face in Milton Keynes. Or when I get a chance I’ll do the same, but not to you but to those men who are in power of this small country for their failings to protect those they have done wrong to or those powerless people or Humans. Not to you though, I have something else in mind for you.

#Dressingup #MrDM #Anjali #MiltonKeynes #Mentalillness #Elamnites #MrA

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