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Sinhala Language

After the war ended in the country of Sri Lanka in 2009 the Army has come forwards to teach Sinhala language to the Tamil children in the war affected, the final stage of war affected, Killinochchie and Mullaitivu district schools. Apparently the President has given permission to the army to do so, this is being done by the army in uniform and by the special force. At present the army is allowed to go in to the schools and interfere with the day to day activities of the students and their program’s.  When the journalists contacted the education board in this regard they said that they were unaware of such developments, the army personnel entered the premisses of the schools suddenly yesterday and said that they are going to teach the Sinhala language. When asked and MP said he would take legal action regarding this matter.

I would like to ask the President why the Tamil language isn’t thought in the southern provinces and why we are being forced fed the Sinhala language down our throats. The Tamil language is also recognized as an official language of the country and why is that ignored and why is the Sinhala language given prime place. Just because we the Tamil speakers are a minority and have been on the end of the beating stick does not give the racist establishment of the south the right to invade in our places of education as well, they are already invading in pour places of worship by placing an army check point in one of our prime temple.

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