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Slow death

I am Adopted.

I do no know my biological mother’s name or remember her face.

I am a prisoner of conscience.

I am suffering because a couple who are quite satanic (to me) thought it would be a good idea to keep me prisoner.

I am a prisoner because I didn’t see it coming.

I have lost my very essence like my mind is occupied and my body is missing and my thoughts are controlled and my eyes have been stolen and I don’t know what else has been stolen.

I have lost all that bloomed within me like my drawing capabilities, my singing capabilities, my poetry and songwriting capabilities, and my dancing capabilities.

I have been a victim of a cruel joke by the ruling family of Milton Keynes and their subjects.

I have been connected to many people(mostly women) and when they have sex I can feel it between my legs and it’s the most uncomfortable thing a straight man can have. Unless there’s something else let me know in the comment’s section.

I have been robbed and from my family, lured in the promise of learning a new skill of the mind.

I have no freedom, I think I have been a prisoner for more than 700 million years plus and still, they keep me.

I hope there’s a higher power than you Mr. Elamnite king and or smarter and more cunning than your rapist-murderer of a son.

I have not had a slow death my soul has my mind just twists back into shape, however it is starting to fall and give away.

I have had a tortured life all my existence, sexual abuse since 6 month’s and still going on and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon after all the Elamnite community is all about fucking up people’s lives for sport. Tortured by long-distance: cuts and headaches and suppressing my mind. Stripping me and parading me in and around MK.

I don’t want to help any Elamnite’s especially that whore you are partnered with.

I go until I restore the balance if not me Mr middle man from outside will have to do it.

I warn you if you make me Run to her aid in any way shape or form I will not kill you but an opportunity will present itself to me and I will take everything away and do to you 100 times worse what you’re doing to me now, seriously I want NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF YOU AND I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A FOOL, AGAIN.

Let her rot. You too.

#Shakthi #Fool #bloomingabilities #Brahma #Vishnu #extortion #Nothing #Dancinglegs #Torture #Shiva #Elamnites

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