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someome Please HELP ME.

Please, Let me Go or END my life or stop this fasad(not assad-The president of Syria).

I’m just passing thorugh, Stop making me look like SATAN.

I’m not related to any of you, And I dont want to either.

Oh and I dont want to see the LION man either he saw what would happen to me over 20 years ago and he refused to stop it, or just did’nt care. Either way he is a bad omen and I dont want to see him.

I dont trust the Mod’s Or the A’s or the O’s.

If you cant see thorugh the tortured person that’s me or set me free then, there is no hope for the future for this world or this Universe.

Please this is not a threat but a PLEA and CRY FOR HELP.

It’s bad Karma if you can see it and can do something and know what’s going on and do nothing about it.

Yes I know you’re all of a higher power and classification but what you’re all doing will end badly.

Please set my mind free. And stop my heart, dont bother about the brain it’s already dead.

#death #Braindead #PLEASEHELP #Sellingthefuture #GOODperson #selfcensorship #Enforceddissaperances #Censorship #BADperson #Saveme #PLEA #mind #helpme #STOPPLEASE #heart #Tormented #Dogoodandgoodwillcome

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