Sri lanaka and the Presidential Election.

When Gothabaya Rajapaksa is elected into the presidential position of Sri Lanka, it’s not IF it’s when and i know he will be elected into office because of the racist nature of his campaign and the nature of and view of the state towards the right’s of anyone other than the Buddist Monks and the very very hardline politician’s that Govern the nation.

Here’s Gotha

The Presidential candidate Gothabaya Rajapaksa

He has already, for the dismay of the many Tamil’s and some muslims and anyone others with sense of right and wrong, promised that he will release and pardon all of the Armed forces members that are in Prision and most likely promote them into more powerful positions and if not they’ll enjoy many of the state’s protections and they’ll be free to harass and kill with impunity, it’s nothing new. This is already happening however Gotha will give premission to do it in the open unlike other Sinhala politicians whom were authorising it to be done in secrecy, Like his former President of the nation Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa.

If the words of the notorious monk Galagoda Athethe Gnanasara Thero is to be followed and it will eventually lead to a nasty state of the most Extremely racist and bruttal country of Sinhala Buddist. He has called for all those who are not Sinhala and Buddist to leave the country or live under the Sinhala as 2nd class citizens.

Here’s Gnanasara

notorious monk Galagoda Athethe Gnanasara Thero

The Tamils are leaving already. Since the 1st pogrom of Sri Lanka took place in 1958 which targeted The Tamils. The GoSL has always down played the numbers of any and all Tamil Murders and Deaths and Massacres and puts it at a meassley 158(source wiki) and 200 (bbc) and the unofficial estimate is somewhere around 1500+.

A small Section from wiki.

Farm massacres

Deadly violence in the Polonnaruwa District began on the 24th. Tamils were killed in the open, as well as Sinhalese who protected them. A deaf, mute labourer of unknown ethnicity was also killed. On the night of the 25th, Sinhalese gangs attacked Tamil labourers in Polonnaruwa farms. The Tamil labourers in the Polonnaruwa sugar-cane plantation fled when they saw the enemy approaching and hid in the sugar-cane bushes. The Sinhalese mobs however set the sugar cane alight and flushed out the Tamils. As they came out screaming, men, women and children were cut down with home-made swords, grass-cutting knives and katties, or pulped under heavy clubs. Those who fled were clubbed down or hit by machetes. In Hingurakgoda, rioters ripped open the belly of an eight-month-pregnant woman, and left her to bleed to death.[20] One woman in sheer terror embraced her two children and jumped into a well. It has been estimated that 70 people died the night of 25 May.[20][21]

Polonnaruwa had only a small police presence. Requests for reinforcements were not heeded as the Government seemed reluctant to take the situation in the North Central Province seriously.[22] Those Sinhalese policemen who tried to protect Tamils were attacked by the mobs; a few had severe head injuries causing their deaths. The thugs displayed a temerity which was quite unprecedented. They had complete assurance that the police would never dare to open fire.

The next morning, a small army unit of 25 men arrived, but found itself confronted by a civilian Sinhalese mob of over 3,000.[22] The crowd dispersed after the soldiers fired a Bren gun at them, killing three.[22]

End of wiki section.

And Tamil’s that leave are being facilitated by the State troopers, navy personel and people within the Gov apparatus it’s self so that they can make a lot of money and also get rid of their Problem of the Tamil Vote and thus they get richer and they’ll also control the country, eventually win-win for them and for us loose and loose.

We not only loose money we loose our identity when we leave our country which we have lived in for over ar least as the western sources put it since 3rd century, but Tamil sources put it somewhere around 2000bce and older.

For someone who is Tamil, read this the pros and cons of emmigrating.

1st Pros

  1. You can, within the limits of that nation’s law, do or say anything without getting arrested.

  2. You can live anywhere you like if it’s friendly, without getting harassed or attacked or even forced to convert to their religion, some will try to convert.

  3. You can vote and have a positive I think impact on their policies and the politicians won’t just beg for your votes they’ll do what they say, most of the time.

  4. If you are granted citizenship then you’ll have more freedom than you have had in Tamil Eelam/Sri Lanka.

  5. You will not get arrested for being Tamil.

  6. You will have the freedom to protest for your right without being attacked and the police will guard you instead of attacking you.

  7. You can build a temple(s) or churches or even Buddhist Stupas if you want. Oh, there are plenty of mosques in most cities but you can have one of that if the local’s don’t object to it.

  8. Your voice will be herd not quashed because of the dominating religion and in fact that dominating religion will actually help you in some places and even be your voice.

  9. The locals will support your asylum case if you have grounds for it.


  1. You are leaving your homeland and sooner or later you’ll feel the need to reconnect and return as I have done for the past 22 years of being in the west.

  2. You will be used by your kinsman or someone else.

  3. Tamil’s in their home country are very helpful to one another and here they’re trying anything and everything to survive and that means taking advantage of the lack of the LTTE head so, almost all of those who collected money for them have now abandoned the people and the fighters and are using the money for their own personal gain. To add there are people who will use you of you don’t have the proper paperwork and are in need of money then you’ll be working for pennies and living like shit, even the beggars back home have a great life compared to you.

  4. There are Spy’s that work for SL intelligence and the Indian agency R&AW that are Tamils and if they can profit from your imprisonment then they will.

  5. You will not be granted a visa straight away, I know two people who have been here for 15 years and still nothing, because Sri Lanka has no war anymore you are seen as able to get back and live without the harassment of the LTTE as the western Gov’s see the LTTE as the only problem for the Tamils as some of those who have only used the LTTE’s name to gain citizenship. And if you can prove that you have been beaten and tortured by the GoSL apparatus then you’ll have your case herd.

  6. And if you do get a visa you have to wait more a few years to visit home again and if you’re willing to answer the assholes at the Bandaranaike airport as to why you left and why you’re here and so forth and if you’re caught with anything the Chavanists deem disrespectful or even a challenge to their rule them you’ll be made to either die in a van crash when travelling to your home or made to visit the 4rth floor if your lucky or even disappear into somewhere else.

  7. You have to work at least Two jobs if to pay for all your loans that you took from people to get yourself here and also if your thinking of buying house forget about it, there’s something called a mortgage it’ at least 15 years long and it’ll consume most of your income at the very least 30% of your income and that only if you put down a good deposit.

  8. To qualify for any type of loans you’ll now need anything between average to great to excellent credit score and if you’ve just got off the Boat then what can you do.

  9. The Process is very very long and you’ll most likely to hear a lot of people that have been in your life since birth die when you’re trying to get that citizenship. I know one person who was unable to even take a day off work because his mother had passed away on that day and he had not seen her since he left and that was 15 years ago and he was only able to finish 2 hours early and grieve and the next day he was back in work, Oh he has not had a Day off work in 8 years except the one Saturday in a week and he works 5 am to 7 pm each and every day, no he’s not rich he’s in a lot of debt and he’s been paying them off.

  10. When you do get the 1st passport you’ll be allowed to travel almost everywhere except SL because that’s the place you’ve chosen to abandon and so when you travel to India(that’s where most people go because it’s just across the water from SL and they speak Tamil) at the Chennai Airport there’s a lot of questions and they’ll drag their feet for bribes and talk like a rowdy and so stand your ground.

  11. If You are in love then GOODLUCK keeping them, or have a great understanding of each other and make sure you pick one that’s not going to run away at the 1st sight of you leaving the country.

  12. If you are getting married to a Tamil from home then prepare all your documents in advance you’ll need her or him to get all the exams and then you need to show, if it’s the UK up to 18500+ per anum of income and or 16000 of savings and it’s not just for Tamils this rule it applies any and all. So save and save, or alternately do fake payslips and pay unnecessary tax to the HMRC if you trust the person that’s doing the payslip for you. The other option is, of course, the SEETTU but make sue that the person is trustable and write down what you give and how long it is and who is involved and that make sure they are all contactable, not all Tamil’s are good Seettu people as i have learned in 50% of the time I have done it.

  13. You’ll be robbed if you have a family and you have settled and if anyone sees you that are of the shady colour of law then they’ll of the Tamil community’s collections of jewels and money and that they stash it in their rice bags, so don’t be flashy and use a safety deposit box where available, Currently the Metro Bank in the UK provides a service for boxes and it’s no appointment needed to access one and they’re open 7days and open till late.

  14. Oh and it’s very cold in winter.

I don’t want to piss in your teacup with this scaremongering but please if you have no need to emigrate or seek asylum then why bother.

And Always Vote, Always.why you ask? I hear, well in the Tamil movie “Sarkar” the protagonist exclaims that why even one vote counts towards selection process of the people’s champion may he be a racist or a being that’ll be a hero for the redemption of a sinned nation, it all depends on one VOTE, your vote.

Please don’t forget many 1’s make the millions and be one of them a choose a good leader to lead that one good nation.


For the wiki, snippet is from Wikipedia

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