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Stop diverting…

Stop diverting anything and everything that is good coming my way.

You are worried about me rising up in life so much that you have lost your purpose.

All you do is look for a way to torture me but you have in the process lost your aim, unless it’s to do that then you’re winning.

This is not the life you’re meant for, you would do great in the field of love and life and other areas if you’d just stop trying so hard.

I know where you’re going today like before and as always before every new year you seek answers to the future, have thought about letting it happen just as it’s intended to be, a surprise.

You have no need to fear the future as you have won this round and i don’t see a future, a bright future for me or even a reward of some kind.

I am not hopeful for the future for i know my end at the hands of the puppetmaster and his servant, when I saw in my vision i knew i would be killed by someone i came to aid, but it turns out they just lured me with faking love and the need for aid.

Just imagine how cruel such a person is to me to kill and abuse a 5 year old and turn him into a puppet.

It’s no surprise though as your other version has been killing him when he was just a few months old and continually for 700 million years as well.

Also your bitches have had pot shots at me as well. That fat shit, she lost a few dress sizes recently, has also robbed me of many opportunities and she herself also used some methods to go back in time to screw me and to what end.

Just out of curiosity how many Elamnites does it take to stop me?.

I know I dont have the same level of thought process as any of or even a rock for that matter yet it takes you lot a long time to win. How’s this even possible?

Your father used his especial organs to take my power when I came and then others have also robbed it when ever it started to grow and yet no progress. I’m not asking for trouble but any person with such a large capacity for thought process would think that if this is even meant to happen.

Have you ever thought about living your life without hindering my life. A Simple thought.

If you want me to leave or to end it all make sure I get my body parts, why you ask, because I’d like to feel my sprit in my body before I die and also I’ll just keep coming back as long as I’m imprisoned in my own body.

The day I’m free is the day I die, and by all means on my Terms not yours or your father’s or the shit bags or any if your concubines.

Try and do good this coming new year.

#timemachine #Yourowndeathsentence #Assholes #Braindead #abuse #wornoutsoul #Butcher #Brahma #Treatthemasyoudoyourchildren #Censorship #Tired #Whore #backstabing #Torture #TwoTimer #anyonecangrow #opertunist

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