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Stop…Let me go

Please stop messing up the pieces that remain of my life and my reputation, It’s gone but I can recover some.

Stop robbing me of opportunities and chances and holding me back.

I used to live with my family now I’ve been torn from them and they have now left and served you or have turned into people like you.

Why does everyone else getts converted yet I’m not, I can kinda understand, you fear me, anyway I’d rather try and salvage what I lost in the last 33 years than fighting a war I know I don’t even have the chance of seen an end to?.

You can see them at least a decade ahead of me even thinking about it, I will remove that one way or another that has robbed one too many people of their karmic gift’s which they’ve earned through their good and bad deeds in their past life.

You were beggars and I have no intention of reducing you to that again if you can remember you were living in a small hole under a bridge and when I was looking for a family you not only robbed my family from me but also everything else.

The timeline should be different and I should be free until that happens and before I reach 54 years of age and If I’m still not free to leave this material world then you’ll be the only ones left on this world and your sons wife as the Humans would have rotted away and died and you too will start to rot and you’ll have all the land and wealth you so crave.

You see there is three for a reason and if one of them falls then it upsets the balance they’re like the organs of the body and instead of the body they’re the organs of ALL of CREATION and if one is out of sync with the others then this will be an unfair Universe and then, well I don’t know.

I do know that you will not let me go as you can still milk me and parade me in front of the world and to humiliate me and I’d like clarification for this question: why oh why would you do this and to what purpose, you know you shouldn’t stick your hand in the goose that lays the golden eggs because it’ll die or worse it’ll take a shot at your face but to take all its feather and then stick it in filth infested parasitic being is something else and why are you doing this?

I don’t understand as because of me most of your community has benefited and yet I’m being tortured every day, made to perform sexual acts without my consent and without me knowing it. I can’t even sleep at night because of people having intercourse with my consciousness trapped inside them and that leaves a little piece of my would-be power of seeing into the future.

Anyway, you should know the outcome as you’re on a winning streak.

I have no problem with someone new taking the responsibility of the three, however, and I must insist on this: you must not think of your self only but the well-being of all those that were, are and will be. Most importantly you must think of your cock or pussy or any material possession what so ever, and the way I see it none of you qualify for the job.

I have no trust in anyone anymore except to trust you to mess up my karma and my peace and rob everything that is coming my way, it may seem like I’m throwing it away but I’m really not.

I’ll take anything that’s not Elamnite or from your very large family.

Live and Let Live.

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