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Success… it’s definition to me part 2

I should have finished it on the 1st post but I didn’t want to bore you with such a long post.

So here is the rest.

when the Ladies of World are held at the same equal stature as the males and given equity of equal value to not only to get a seat at the table also to make their voices heard and most of all their voices must have the same standing as the other sexes.

There’s a picture that shows another part that can only be achieved when all women rise up as one

And to finish it off. I’ll only be happy when all of the people regardless of their identity and faith and background are given what they were made with freedom of thought and speech and both must be practised without restraint, yeah sure there will be someone who will be offended but even as I type there’s someone offended by my existence, so fuck them be free.

Oh disclaimer I don’t own these pictures I borrowed them if it’s yours and you don’t want me to use them drop me a message and I’ll remove it ASAP. Thanks.

#Deceit #Ceylon #Caste #Censorship #Discrimination #Equity #Intimidation #Liberation #Equality #LOVE #Hate #Mentalheath #TamilEelam #TamilEelam

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