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The Need To Leave

I Have been thinking for a few years to leave this miserable hell hole that is Milton Keynes ever since i realized that don’t belong here. However it is not that simple as picking it all up and then shifting across the seven seas and the resettling back into your house, it’s a bit more complex than that. One i have been out of my country for a very long time i don’t know have that many or any friends at all that are willing to help me out, sure my fellow countrymen are great people but you cannot go and stay all the time it wouldn’t be nice and it would put a strain on an already painfully hard economic situation that they have to endure due to lack of basic needs and terrible infrastructure that could improve their lives and livelihoods.

I want to leave and be independent and this writing is not helping at all i have to get practical, i can’t just walk into someone else’s house and expect them to feed me and look after me i have to do that myself and i seem to be doing a pretty shit job that for a few years because i seem to run back to my mother and father although its my mother that does the support while the fat man, me pop, gets drunk and shouts at us three, my two sisters and i and of-course my mother is not exempt from the shouting. I didn’t want to come here for start i was dragged here i had a wonderful life in Swiss, i didn’t want to go there is well, but i enjoyed it well for reason I’ll tell you. One i had good friends and a social life but all that has been robbed from me here, by a slut and her bitches and their master and partner in crime for some reason i don’t see me as a threat as far as i know I’m a passive person and i just cant be asked to give a fuck to or for anyone i just pass my day’s in front of a computer screen nowadays. All i did was nothing, i got asked to marry a girl and it went on from there now she’s a slut like every other bitch that want to fuck me over for no good reason than to get my cock inside then while it’s attached to my face or something that look like it, so they have resorted to stealing my face and giving me a cunts face and when i say something they are true. This cunt is a real asshole, he helped to make me cry like never before for loosing a slut, a simple note if the girl you like is fucking some else then fuck someone else yourself. To add more he’s also after everyone that i would ever thing about and to make matters worse he then puts people i have never seen before into my head and then fucks then and he doesn’t just fucks them he makes me like them which is even worse.

The Alpha slut is now in charge of him now as he has been traded like a commodity, the twat gets enough pussy he doesn’t think about any self respect he just goes along with it after all he’s a bottom  feeder that’s got a gold pass to the good shit, oh yes did i mention he look’s like a baboon’s ass but since he’s stealing my face he’ll look a bit better, I’m not saying this because i hate that incestrial inbred swine it’s because he’s messing with my family’s way of life and messing up their future just for the sake of getting into a prostitutes family and having as much sex as possible. Before the bitch that proposed to me entered his life he had no life and after she fucked him and offered to fuck him even more he accepted and started to screw me and my exsitence.

The targeting me has been around since i was born, it was my biological father that started it along with my biological mother. The father tried to kill me and the Mother also the same, he tried brute force and she put me in a basket and set me afloat in a waterfall and somehow i was saved by one of the scums that serving the assholes that are out to fuck me over, I’m assuming that they want to prolong my suffering for their gain, Oh i hope that hell exists for all good people sake. Ever since i saw this alpha bitch she has been with all the people that cross my life in one point or another, however she is seen with them much before and so she arranges them to cross my path and take what’s supposed to be mein and then they enjoy that, i hope she gets stabbed in the back so badly she never recovers by those close to her and i hope that they leave her with nothing, i think that will happen to me for some reason, in my last life i must have been Hitler and all of the dictators together that have been responsible for all the human atrocities and suffering on earth if not how else can i explain the continuous targeting of me and without remorse and or flinching, she doesn’t appear human but an embodiment of lust and hate and revenge and vengence and the need to pick on the week and dead, what a necrophiliac.

There is another reason i want to leave rather than these people that are messing with my head, I want to be educated and i want to be a happy person and i know i will have both of these when i go home, because i was very happy in fact i was the happiest i have ever been when i went there for the holiday’s. Ridding my cousins bicycle into town, and buying some random items because i needed them for the climate, if you must know they were a pair of blue flip-flops. and i rode back like i was in heaven and that’s how i want to live, i want to be back home in that temperate weather, in a small house with a few puppy’s that i can adopt or take from stray dogs in the local and raise them and i want to have my own business and then eventually own a company, the company maybe out of reach but i can still have a house and a bunch of dogs and a cycle for my enjoyment and hopefully they will let me into a school or a college to study what i have and what i should have studied.

I have a few ideas to start a life back home, i want to run away, because every-time i ask permission to leave and home with the support of my family they say what will you do for food, shelter, protection and various other things that push me back into a shit-phase of thought that denies me the independence that i crave for so, yes i do understand that i need all those that they speak of but i want to be a survivor and i want to explore, before coming here i was all that now because of racism and the inferior-complex minds of a few have cut shot my exploring side and put me into a room where i only go out for work and cinema. I wont miss anything from here, probably this computer and having a reliable internet connection that isn’t being monitored and a reliable electricity that wont cut out in the middle of the night because of shortages and local troubles and maybe a police and an army that has your back, where I’m going they will try to kill me or kidnap me and kill me and take my organs and if I’m lucky they use sedatives and if not they torture me and take it once I’m dead and all that because i’m a minority in Sri Lanka, I’m a Tamil and glad to be one.

My idea is that i go and stay there forever until I’m one with the local cremation ground, as it is the way of the Hindu to go, but before i go i will change at-least someone life to be better, that i will do even if i can get out of here. That i haven’t put much thought into, can you my readers advice me on this please, oh yes the person i want to help is a family of four that includes two boys and a mother and a daughter that are begging in the north of Sri Lanka that have lost everything due to the Racial discrimination war that was wagged on the Tamils for over 30 years to screw them. I want the family to have a house and a business so that they are self sufficient and need no-one

Do tell others of my blog.

#Censorship #Intimidation

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