What am I wearing

I don’t think I have worn what I thought I have been wearing for the last 13 years.

Right now I feel like, bellow my thighs everything is cold, I’m wearing a skirt or probably very little.

Top wise I think I’m made to think I’m putting on two long sleeves and a jumper over them but I feel like I’m wearing something what women wear to the gym or worse.

I say this because the chamber pot has engulfed my view of the world and is showing me what I think I’m doing but the opposite is happening.

I feel like everyone is making fun of me because I seem to have no voice in a sea of loudspeakers and no eyes in the world of vision.

I know what I say won’t stop or make anyone change their mind but I want this on record.

When I do get my voice the 1st persons life i will end is you, the one in my head that’s saying and messing me up since childhood and i wil.

You can only strip me and make me cry but at the end you’ll be left in my mercy so tread carefully.

I am a Man, still that’s how I am able to precieve me at this time.

I haven’t been able to see my dreams for a few years now, so it’s safe to say that I have completely lost all future life’s to a parasitic being who is hell bent on humiliating me and killing me in the most vicious way and they will all savor it all the way to the end.

Oh stop following me. I’ll end up lashing out at one of you or jumping out at fast coming traffic or throwing you in front of it. Hopefully you’ll stay dead, and when I go to prison I might finally get my body.

Only death is freedom. Come quick my beloved Reapper.

#Yourowndeathsentence #Assholes #wornoutsoul #Women #Depraved #Tired #Whore #humiliation #Torture #HumanRights #Yama #trapped

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