Writing for the sake of it…but good though

I am writing for the sake of, well typing actually.

Here’s a dream I’d like to share with you. I have had some dreams that I had two people, two women, that came out of my body, not my children I don’t have any.

They are here because they were made to replace me in some sense.

As such they are a threat, however, I have no met them or come across them once.

They have powers and they can cast an illusion over themselves to look like someone else.

And for that reason and the fact that I have no tangible powers to see through the illusion also I have phony eyes(eyes that were someone else’s).

I have difficulty recognizing them as who they are.

One of them came out of me, like the biblical ADAM and EVE story, from either right or left and she was born when I was just around 8 or 12 months old.

The second one is more recent and she has only been alive or have self-thought for 10 or 12 years and unlike the 1st one, this one came from someone I loved dearly and that someone broke my heart to pieces anyway that’s on the past.

They can create themselves a duplicate copy of themselves as long as they have powers or if you’re human and you have the means you can clone. If you’re mad enough or smart enough not to get caught.

The 1st was take away by her current father when she was born and he also removed my powers when I was a baby through my penis, I don’t know how that work so don’t ask me…yet. And i have seen her before once or so she was being followed by her current husband. I don’t know who was responsible for her being created.

The second one was created for the purpose of destroying me and that has worked to some extent, but I’m still here…well barely…hanging on by a string over the bottomless pit.

I have no problem with either of them instead I want to know why they were both created, Not the 1st but the second one I want to meet as she has a daughter and i would like to be introduced to that child, I don’t see me procreating anytime in this life or any life after this what so ever.

Since they were both born from me they both have some or most of my traits with that of their original’s, for example, I’m quite easy-going and mostly happy for no reason and laugh at random times and have weird thoughts and they have that too and I smile ear to ear when I see someone and I’m well(trying not to be anyway, this year) a people pleaser.

I don’t know much about the 1st one but I do have some knowledge about the second from my dreams she is not a psychopath like her original but kinder… to some extent.

I don’t know who the second one had her child with, I hope it’s not the chamber pot and i only see her as my sister and no the 1st.

Well, because the 1st has been manipulating my life with her siblings or on the order of her sister or on her sisters lies.

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