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Invisible and Blind

I am for all-purpose sake a creation of God.

If you say that all that is and that was and that ever will be are all the same and that it all originates from one single point in space and time and or outside of that time and space and matter then I am for all-purpose and thought, and i have given it lots of thoughts.

I am part of GOD and he/she is part of me and so are you, after all they did create you me and everything you see and hear, smell, touch, taste and sense and also think are from that being and I belive that being is us in our unmeasurable greatness of cosmic scale.

The title says Invisible and Blind so let me explain that here, God is that what the title says, or they or he or she choose to be blind or they have just choose to close their eye’s to the suffering’s and death and destruction and cruelty and famine and the hate and torture and most of all of the unfairness and injustice that is happening in this Universe and since we belive that there are multiverse created or have existed then in all of the Universes.

I don’t understand Gods plan but I do know there has to be a power(force) called karma and it has to be a part of God and his or her will and thought, if not all those whom have been murdered, raped and robbed and tortured in order to extend someone’s measly desire of illusion that is power and control and to extend their empire has to have chance to equalise their pain and make a payback to their aggressor(s) otherwise whats the point of God, bad people will just get away, this includes so many dictators and emperors and kings and queens in some modern cases some governments from this planet, past and present and of course future. There has been so many Tamil’s from Sri Lanka and Sinhala people and some Muslims have been missing since independence of the country from the British Empire and no-one has ever been held account or tried in court for their disappearances and all of this has happened with impunity and all of this has been done by Buddhist clergy influenced armed forces and intelligence wing of the Government, both the major parties are in cahoots with each other and they are kissing the backside of hard-line monks of Buddhism.

There are 4 countrys in this planet with the highest dissapearances that are hilighted by Amnesty International that are

Syria 82,000 in Syria since 2011

Sri Lanka between 60,000 and 100,000 people vanishing since the late 1980s

Argentina between 1976-1983, the security forces abducted around 30,000 people, many of whom are still unaccounted for

Zimbabwe is closed country since Mugabe took over and has been limited on info but there are signifficant in numbers though.

for more please see wikipeidia and Amnesty International dissapeared

And those killed without mercy and un-natural death will seek vengence in at least one of their lifetime and once they are satisfied they return back to God peacefully.

And hinduisim dictates that if you dont do certain things in your life and also some things if you do them then your cycle of life and death will be broken you’ll relise whom you are to God and ascend to a higher plain of exsistence and also probably become blind to the mortals suffering.

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